How important is your financial security to you?

Do you lay awake at night? Are you unsure how you’ll pay for school fees or retirement? Do you already have arrangements in place, but would feel more comfortable with a second opinion to compare options?

Stop worrying about your finances. The specialists from Vertex Group work with you so you obtain a clear understanding of where you are now and how to get to where you want to be. We continue to work with you so you move toward your goals for protecting your family and funding your ideal retirement.


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All our services are structured around our SUMO principle.
This means we provide:

To ensure you receive complete services, we’ve formed alliances with a number of specialist professionals to advise you in other key areas of your financial plans, including tax, accounting, finance and legal. Which of our services are right for you?

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Ongoing reassurance

Our services to you are ongoing. As part of our initial work with you, we offer a complimentary Lifestyle Modelling Analysis. This personalised financial modelling tool provides a snapshot of where you are, where you want to be and what you need to do to get there. This initial analysis and our discussions are complimentary.

Each year we can complete a new Lifestyle Modelling Analysis for you. This helps us evaluate your financial arrangements taking into account your current resources and actions. Two things may result:

  1. graphWe make suggestions to enhance your position.
  2. We both see that your plans are the best that they can be for you now.

For our clients that have their insurance policies with us, we
A: Review your levels and types of cover to ensure they are appropriate to your current needs.
B: Compare policies across the market, to check yours are the best they can be for you
C: Ensure everything, including premiums and policy conditions, are up to date with “industry best”.

Is your insurance in order? Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Life decisions

“Anyone can voice an opinion on individual stock picks. Vertex’s focus on financial strategy related to specific goals, enables us to make important life decisions with confidence. We look forward to each annual planning review and the feeling of control it brings.”

Mike de Hennin
Oracle Director CRM lndustry Solutions

Who we help?


We help people, in a range of different life stages. Clients tell us the clarity, peace of mind and financial benefits our strategies provide, help them enjoy every day, with less stress and more time to focus on the important things in their lives.

We receive many referrals from friends, family and colleagues of existing customers who don’t want to risk their financial future by sourcing professionals from Google.

No matter how old you are now, you are never too young, or too old to plan and take action to achieve your goals.


growing-familyYoung or growing families

Getting established costs a lot of money. Buying a home, car or having kids. They’re big steps. It’s easy to put off financial planning till later – when you’re more established. We hear this regularly and unfortunately, it often never occurs.

Often, the earlier financial planning is taken care off, the less impact it will have on your current cashflow, income and expenses and the more impact it will make to your retirement years.




You’re established in your career with school aged children or a growing family, which makes you heavily committed to a range of expenses and responsibilities. You like to take regular family holidays, and perhaps move to a larger house. You’re heavily committed and on top of all this, are starting to think about putting money aside for retirement, protection for your mortgage, lifestyle and income are also weighing on your mind.

Today is the day to ease your mind and sort your life. Call today and take some control.


business-ownersBusiness owners

Your business is growing and provides adequate income for you and your family. What if something happens to you, a business partner or the business itself? Time poor business owners trust Vertex Group to ensure they have adequate income and personal protection strategies are in place.





Retirement is in your near future. You’re now thinking about downsizing or a sea-change. You’re considering reducing your work commitments or selling your business. The decisions you make today will impact on your golden years.

Don’t miss the opportunity to a better retirement – Call Vertex Group today.

Improving your options for less.

Vertex Group have always assisted me in working out my insurance needs, analysing the market for available insurance options and then take care of putting all my cover into place.

Over the years I have received efficient, personalised service where Mark and his team have worked towards improving my cover and options at reduced premiums.

Abhijit Sinha
Engineer – Amcor Flexibles


6 easy steps to improve your financial arrangements:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do” –Mark Twain

You’ve decided a call to Vertex is an easy first step to make. Then what? Here’s what you can expect from Vertex Group

Step 1Call Vertex Group and make a time for an initial discussions.

Step 2 – First appointment. We listen and understand what is important to you. We help you to complete our “Client Profile Questionnaire”. This information enables us to learn more about you by gathering your objectives, and other relevant information.

Step 3 – Follow up appointment. After reviewing your situation we will provide you with information to help you make a decision to move forward. We’ll also provide clear details on fees and taxation implications.

Step 4 – Preparation of advice. We will prepare your advice and present our recommendations to you.

Step 5 – Green light. We’ll implement your agreed strategies– one piece at a time, including

Step 6 – Ongoing reviews. Every 12 months, we review your circumstances and objectives. If required, with
your agreement, we’ll modify your strategies as required to ensure they align with your changing needs.

Retiring with more super

“Many years ago we appointed Mark McNeany and Vertex Group to consolidate our various retirement funds into one manageable account and further to Vertex’s sound advice and diligence to our particular requirements, we have now moved into retirement with a far larger superannuation balance than we ever dreamed possible. We have recommended Vertex’s services previously and will continue to do so without reservation.”

lan & Barbara Mudge
I H & B E Mudge Consulting Engineering Practitioners.

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